iC (neco_mortis) wrote,

other such fun things

Well the buisness stuff is finally taking off, i thought i'd be working at starbucks the rest of my life for a moment there. So lots of work ahead of me, gotta keep focus and keep eating ramen noodles (mmmmmmm) for a bit. Other than that my motorcycle got stolen (insert sad face here) but it granted the opertunity to finally get a respectable ride, so i bought a 4runner, i likes it alot. Cancer thing is bothering me again so i have to get that checked on too. Had my downtown apartment for almost a year now and its finally starting to feel like home. Got everything feng shui like ya wouldn't believe, i even downsized my tv to place less emphasis on it (big one goes in my room haha)

anyways its been a while, so if ya read this and ya haven't gotten in touch with me, my number hasn't changed, i'm usually on myspace anyways. haha
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