iC (neco_mortis) wrote,

i'm not

i'm not
the player on the outside
got tough
raked it through another try
she's not
but trying hard to get by
why can't we all just play along with
all that
shit you talk can ya
keep up
before they come and slam on
i'm not
softer on the inside
its alright to get it sometimes

your not all the games you playyy
its about the things you do
not all you say
the knife burns when your right
but its saturday night, saturday

keep up,
if ya don't your left by
same stuff
before you even can try
i'm not
a player but the outside
keeps me going, i know i am
all that
but shits and giggles fly high
its all
a game if when you press by
how bout
a drink and a fly time
can't you see i'm more than you can

shes everything when your gone
i can't help its the way you feellll
how bout moving right along now?
cause i am the one behind the wheel

its saturday night, saturday riot
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